Eyelash Extension

Weekend Party Lashes. These individual cluster lashes are perfect for an occasion or for a glam night out! Similar in appearance to Hollywood individual lashes. Weekend Lashes last 1 week depending on aftercare, we use high quality professional salon standard Ardell lashes and their highly regarded Ardell Lash Glue. The procedure takes around 20 minutes.​​

Strip Lashes

Ideal for an occasion or glam night out! Choose from the range of lash styles which are professional quality Ardell strip lashes that will be professionally applied with the highly regarded Ardell lash glue. Ideal for short term wear (1 day and night). This procedure take around 10 minutes

Eyelashes Infills

Up to 2 Weeks. A full lash cycle is approximately just 90 days. Lashes naturally shed when they have reached the end of their growth cycle and make way for a new lash to grow! This means that after having your initial Hollywood lashes treatment you can keep your great new look by regularly maintaining your lashes with infills. During this procedure any lash extensions that have shed away with your natural lashes will be replaced, refreshing your full lash look to how they looked at your first application! This procedure can take upto 45mins-1hour.

Lash Removal

Weekend lashes require a safe removal process. Removing lashes yourself could cause damage and at worst prevent lash regrowth. The removal solution safely de-bonds the lash extensions allowing them to simply slip away from your natural lashes taking any remaining glue residue with them. This completely pain free gentle process will remove your lash extensions safely and easily causing zero damage to your natural lashes. This procedure takes just 10 minutes

Weekend Eyelashes Aftercare & Advice

You can enjoy​ with little need to adjust your lifestyle. With correct home care maintenance of lashes you can ensure they remain as beautiful as the day they were applied.

  • First 24 ho​​urs do not allow water to contact the eyelids.
  • ​First 48 hours do not wash eyes or lash extensions with hot water or steam the face. Avoid Sauna Jacuzzi and Swimming.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara as oil based mascaras may damage the bond. Ask us about our water-based mascara. (If you choose not to use mascara, the eyelashes can be tinted prior to the Lash Extension procedure.​
  • Use only oil free products to remove mascara.
  • Do not perm lash extensions.​
  • ​Do not tint over bonded area (only root area).
  • Rubbing eyes may pull out lashes with extensions attached.
  • Do not use heated curlers on bonded area (tips only).
  • Do not cover the eyelash area as it may cause eyelashes to curl, break and overlap each other.​

Please treat your new lashes ​with care. For Hollywood Lashes your natural lashes will shed naturally taking extensions with them. Arrange with your salon for regular infill treatments to keep that full lash look.

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